Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The 23rd

As time passes and interests wanes, this is the result yet again. I find it difficult to keep my attention span focused on things I want and enjoy doing...be it writing, drawing or gaming.

Sigh. But one must try and try again I suppose. So here we are, having a go, and to accommodate a special post, I shall dedicate it to my 23rd year of age! Yes, this December 17th 2012, yours truly, has turned 23. I had a spectacular series of fortunate events which is as follows:

  • December 14th 2012 - An amazing opening of gifts brought in by none other than Naj, who has given me a Gurren Lagann figure to add to my collection, 3 extra large shirts and other goodies! Not forgetting Nada, who put in a really heart felt note with a dinar. Heh. 
  • December 15th 2012 - Rested during the day, did a speech at night, followed by an expensive dinner at Meat Co. Fancy meat was had, along with good conversation into the night. Exemplary food. Love the mash. 
  • December 16th 2012 - Breakfast at Fudds, and went to my rented Chalet in Al Dar. The island may not be much, but it is something. The Chalet was beautiful, comfy and romantic. Oh how would I have loved to stay overnight and snuggle cuddle the night away...Boo. The day was filled with rain, so we tended to get wet alot. Much the same can be said for the boat ride back to the mainland...rain hurts at that speed. Joined the surprise party for Farrell. Fun.
  • December 17th 2012 - Morning shopping with Mom at BCC. She bought be a fancy polo from Giordiano. Orange too. Went to the pet store, mom fell in love with cats (at least kitties). Followed by lunch at Shada (difficult to choose, family is picky over what to eat, whine if its too expensive, whine if its too cheap).
So all in all, a great series of events. Appreciated very greatly the call from Rob and Faisal from the Philippines, made me feel I didn't miss out as much. Though...it did kind of remind me of how lonely I can get. It peeved me to attend a surprise party when mine was just hours away, but to each their own I suppose. 

After those series of days, I'd like to say I'm exhausted and find it difficult to creep back into the work mood. It's just not there at the moment. Finding out not being to take any small bit of your leave so you can take a breather is not helping (though yes, they agreed to pay me my leave, but what's money over relaxation?) 

Now what? Happy Birthday to myself, and see you in a year!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pent Up Words

Seeing that I haven't posted in a while, I suppose it's appropriate enough to try and have a long enough post to keep this blog happy. Many things have transpired since August 30. Lot of work had come through, project after project with no remorse. It came to the point of working daily 10-11 hour shifts, which never bothered me (a tempting workaholic). Thankfully, despite the stress, I don't think I'd have it any other. I'm glad of the support my staff and boss give, despite the company's overall management treatment.

Friends are all wonderful. As the months bear down to the year end, it pains me to know a best friend of mine will leave the country for Italy. But the memories will stay, as I do my best to keep them remembered. The gradual return of an old friend has been wonderful and a great addition to the roster. Others sadly have soured over the months, though highly in my opinion, to be in its course. A friend with an awful temper who has a grudge with said best friend who is beyond reason. Another who in belief, thinks I'm hateful towards due to a misunderstanding between us. That same friend who seems to always want others to compromise but hides away from it when the time comes. Funny enough, I don't hold a grudges for things like that. Just a simple forgive and reconcile will do. But like I said earlier, it ran its course.

Love is booming and growing. I like the fact that things now don't ever seem stagnant and feels like blissful clockwork. There has been talks of engagement which I hope to take on soon next year if I can rack up courage and a plan to support it! But hey, confirming and reassuring now would ruin the future's surprise right?

So with that, I close the night as I'm tired and wanting of sleep. Maybe I'll go on detail tomorrow about the events that happened in between, to chronicle my memories so they'll never be forgotten.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Philippines Day 14, August 30th 2012

With the final night of my vacation here to the Philippines, the night beckons and the excitement of being back home brings near. The day was not lost. I started from SM Megamall in Manduluyong and took a taxi all the way to Makati's Greenbelt Complex. As soon as I stepped out of the taxi, I was flabbergasted. It was so unlike what I've visited in my two week stay (mind you, I have visited Philippines many times before, but I like taking things anew). Lush greenery, scenic sculptures and proper landscaping has made it into an amazing sight to the eyes. It's as luxurious in the only way Makati can offer. The restaurants choices are diverse , enough to sooth your taste and thirst for the different, while the shops are high class and watering to any devout fashion follower. It had given me what I was looking for in my vacation. That need to feel pampered and see Manila's finest. The photos of this little trip will soon be followed. 

After meeting up with my cousin, we shifted to our dinner reservations at Village Tavern in High Bonifacio Street Central. Our irate taxi driver had scammed us into taking us somewhere else by 'mistake' and raised our taxi fees to a hefty amount. The unexpected long taxi drive had gotten my motion sickness into overdrive and drove me to a painful nausea. But that all came away as we closed in our destination. It was beautiful, outright lavish and spectacular. It was Greenbelt's grandness merged into a whole locale. The entire area had the vibe of modern luxury and did not disappoint with every walking step. Even Starbucks was over the par, with a very cordial and funny employee named Derrick who when upon taking my name, I mentioned my name as 'K' to avoid confusion of my real name. He had then smiled and asked if it was short for Kale, Kate, or Katie, and when telling him my real name, he apologized and thank me for making it easier for him. Hah! 

Upon reaching Village Tavern, it was 'class' written all over it. The waitresses were clad in red and very courteous as they should be. When seated, we were rounded with other food bloggers (my cousin is one of them, we were invited to do food tasting and reviews, I was just a plus one invite). It was awkward at first, being out of place and especially when the food came around with everyone grabbing their high end cameras and dishing out photos when all I wanted was to eat the food. Everyone was amazing to say at the table. Well cultured and educated, fun and talkative, and well known lovers of food. From Teddy, to Spanky, to Mitsy and even the head Chef Josh Boutwood (who at only 25, is strapping and amazing with his food). The food on the other hand, was on an equal level. Down right damn amazing. I started off with some blackened shrimp which tasted simply divine. Followed by the pork sliders, flat bread pizzas, crispy chicken tacos and the cowboy burger. Every step in the course was tasty, appealing and jaw dropping wow. There was an interesting mix of black beans mix which was mixed with chocolate. It was odd at first, but it really does go well together. Then came the deserts, which involved St. Bard's Cake, carrot cake, banana crepes and a double decker cheese cake. All I can say, is that we were stuffed to our limits. And let's not forget what was drunk, haha, signature cocktails of snowberry cooler (champagne based) and mojito. Both were strong, and well flavored, unlike most that was around Manila. I would really like to give a more in depth review of the food, but that, after careful decision will be included in my new blog, dedicated to food reviews. Haha, guess they got to me. 

So all in all, it was a great nice. Lavish, fun, and extravagant. Just how I like my Philippines!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Philippines Day 11, August 27 2012

Today, I traveled to Manila's bargain shopping haven, Divisoryia. An enormous place containing a multitude of shopping complexes and street vendors to make it into one shopping hell extravaganza. Since today was apparently a holiday, it was jam packed. The streets and alleys were filled with whatever Manila could throw at it. It was if the paths were the veins, and us, the blood. It's an impressive sight. Though as much of a shopping showcase as it turns out to be, honestly, it really favors the female sex. For every 10 shops, you get one for the male individual. With me being a picky shopper, you can imagine what my feelings were (I managed to score a pair of shoes after 4-5 hours of searching). All in all, a great experience if ever in the Philippines.

But you know what? There was a recent controversy made by the director of the Bourne Legacy film, Tony Gilroy about his choice of filming in Manila. Apparently the choice was made because Manila was "so colorful and ugly and gritty, raw and stinky and crowded" It had made the news. People grew mad of the statement, showing the strong Filipino pride and patriotism. Others stated that it was just one aspect and should not be labelled as a whole. In my opinion...I think it does ring true. It's a fact that Filipinos should not hide because its so blatantly out there. Walk out the streets and you see the fine contrast of rich and the poor. Drive on the roads and you'll see unpainted patches of buildings, highway pillars, columns all in that plain drab grey. It's depressing. See the squatter areas, and how their homes are compared to the ever rising condos that are constantly built. Walk in Divisoryia and smell a whole combination of smells hitting you at once, be it fruits, sweat, piss or who knows what else. Ride the jeepneys and taxis and see how its pieced together, barely finding something that's kept on tip-top condition. As you read this, maybe you'll flare up and say that I'm over-exaggerating, or whatever words that can be associated with it. But honestly, that is what Philippines is. Despite the poverty, and stark contrasts to poverty and many other things, we LIVE on. We show our colors and show our ingenuity in making due with what we have. No matter how people are impoverished, we keep a smile and find a way, to live for the sake of living. That's why its more fun in the Philippines. It's because we strive to enjoy life, despite the drawbacks.

On my bus ride back home to the condo, a multitude of thoughts ran across my mind on how to better lives just a little bit. These of course, are not well thought out and not fool proof, but hey, a man can dream right?

  • Employ and ensure a stricter clean up system, make it a whole nation drive rather than keep it to the corporate areas. Laws to implement them, like how Davao does it time to time. Educate on it.
  • Paint. Honestly, Filipinos are colorful. Let our surroundings be so. Leave no place with that drab gray. It's depressing.
  • Set higher standards for many things, like transportation and god heavens, public toilets, be it in malls, restaurants (please keep them stocked, or have appropriate alternatives). 
Ah, well these are just ramblings of a bored man. Maybe they ring true, and I'd like to think and wish that these words would build into something great for the Philippines. But one can dream right?

That's my Filipino patriotism right there. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Information Processing?

Another not so uneventful night here in the Philippines. As expected, since living in with the family and not friends has hindered my ability to go out and enjoy the nightlife. That, and living here where I am currently, is so devoid of any interesting nightspots. If there were, doubt it'd be safe. I'll try my hand at tomorrow, to sleep over a cousin's place to enjoy a good one or two night fun I suppose. It's all in the fates. Only upside to  having failed that path, is the obvious savings from a huge expenditure, as my now-in-the-Philippines cousin is seeing the hard life and has no money to splurge along side with me (i.e. no share in the expenses).

So having a night in again, I'm reduced to browsing the online virtual world as is normal in my every day life. Though, the constant boredom that I am currently under, has forced me to look up my entire normal feeds of  Facebook, Twitter, IGN, Cracked, 9gag and my other usual haunts. It's a sad pity that I exhaust all that and can't find more to bide my time. I'm always constantly in need for odd tidbits of information, be it relevant to my likes or not, just in order to store and update my cultural know-how or whatever one calls it. It's an asset. To be constantly updated, able to associate or de-associate yourself (if you know what I mean). But the bad side, it's an addiction. Now that I've exhausted my feeds of any new info, I'm in dire need of something of interest to read up on. Nothing finding any, would leave to state of slight depression and dissatisfaction. Go figure.

So what do I do to rid myself of this? Blog it. What else is there to do?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Philippines Day 7, August 23 2012

Today was a very much unproductive day. Poor brother had fallen sick to some bad case of the flu (I suppose, doctor's still analyzing a sample of his blood for an appropriate diagnosis) so most of the day was stayed in at home. The day before was an interesting sort, commuted myself alone to get to SM Megamall to meet an old friend, Reniel Tengco, which was a blast. Talked over at Starbucks and went over to Metrowalk for dinner and drinks. All that we talked about was general people we used to meet, the problems we had, and all that sort. All in all, the dinner cost 1,700 Pesos which is around BD 17. This included, 6 beers, a pitcher of cocktail called Last Gas, 3 courses of food. Not bad right?

So the current day, like mentioned, was unproductive. Sat around, watched Battleship, which was a so and so film. Went over to this place called Ever Gotesco, which is a crappy shopping complex compared to most I've been to, but I did manage to buy some nice things for my car!

So what's in store for tonight? Maybe more posts, gaming or whatever that comes across! So see you till then!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Philippine Bread?

Having breakfast at home in the Philippines is a blast. Why? The bread's so soft and surprisingly, long lasting. I wonder how they make it so, and if its actually healthy enough to eat. I'm no health freak, but after tasting what you can have in Bahrain, you've honestly got to question it right?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Philippines Day 3, August 20 2012

I currently reside here at the Oasis One Condominiums, on Ortigas Avenue in Pasig City, Manila. So far so great,  the place is wonderful. There's great security, it's clean and has a nice lot of amenities including pool, gym and clubhouse. It's not that far off from my usual haunts like SM MegaMall, Metrowalk nor Makati, probably only a 10 minute taxi drive. Only downside is probably hailing a taxi from the place. It's not as abundant as when i.e., staying in Malate, but it's alright. I'm not so privy to using the local jeepneys, call me spoiled, but at the moment, taxi costs are the least worrisome for me.

After a mind grumbling bore of two days, of sitting about on my laptop and playing whatever gaming remnants remained, I finally got the chance to go out on my own and visit SM MegaMall to meet a friend of my girlfriend's (Najla Qamber) sister, Michelle Salvatierra. First, enjoyed a nice pork, fish and chips lunch at Chef's Quarters which was nicely done, but nothing purely amazing. When my guest arrived, we had a hoot talking about whatever oddness could come out in from the green minded puns that we could muster. Went around the shops, did some light shopping (which included two marvel shirts and a nice formal shirt).

Visited some awesome art galleries which has some modern contemporary art which I seemed to get surprisingly. Pictures to come out soon!

After that, headed home, and found out family was still out. So had to wait in the pouring rain for half an hour or so, which wasn't bad, except for the sore feet for walking around for a good 4-5 hours.

So now, I'm at home contemplating the events for the day, which was a good one after all. My only nuisance was with a certain someone who could not make it due to being tired and cancelling till tomorrow, after agreements were made. And then, he has to bring someone who I'm not exactly fond of. Oh well. If I mattered, he should be able to meet me without any complaints or hindrances. Oh well, must be the 'city life' sapping the energy out of people.

So true believers, that's all I've got. Till tomorrow.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Remembering The Past

Currently, I stand 22 years old. From the day I turned 18, things were different. My life was catapulted into overdrive, meeting all new kinds of people, sharing all kinds of experiences. In Bahrain, people tend to complain that it'd be too boring, too mundane for those who want to live, but in my opinion? Sights, history, culture, food, nightlife, they're not important. In between the years, the memories I've experienced and shared were those that mattered. Those are what made life worth living and worth remembering.

So I thought, when if I grow old, I'd like to remember those who helped create them. They are:

  • Najla Qamber
  • Roberto Carrillo
  • Faisal Mohammed
  • Nada Qamber
  • Farrel Ryde
  • Shan Yan
  • Mauree Celi
  • Mona Alvarado
  • Yasmeen Abdulla
  • Sawsan Abdulla
  • Nasreen Qamber
  • Nasser Qamber
  • Katherine Lao
  • Kevin Brent
  • Yusaku Mishima
  • Eiichi Sone
  • Nelson Buendia
  • Mahmood Baqer
  • Basheer Al Salabi
  • Ray Abbas
  • My Family
There could be probably much more I haven't yet included, but as I write this at 3:40 AM, please know the sentiments are heart-felt and sound. 

So in all, I thank God and you for being around, and as I grow older... I'm eager to see what the future memories bring.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

An MUN resolution

On August 2nd 2012, a group of friends and myself were scheduled to have a movie night. As per the shocker, we ended up forgetting the movies altogether and ended up in a much heated debate in an model united nations format. Our topic, approving abortion.

As is, this the excerpts of the resolutions made and those which have passed or failed:

Ismaeli Caliphate and Monan Empire (Resolution Passed)

That, the local governments will evaluate mothers who apply forabortion and bestow the right upon the mother basing upon these evaluations;

A woman of sound mind will be given the license to abort their child as long as, (1) She will be given an educat
ional course educating her about the different points of view for or against abortion, (2) The woman’s identity must be held in confidentiality, (3) The well being of the mother must be held of the highest considerations wherein the mother will be informed of all the implications of her proposed abortion. 

Kingdom of Farrell (Resolution Failed)

That a mother of free will and sound mind will be given the right to allow abortion satisfying two situations: 

a. Before birth, (1) the infant has to has to have: intelligence measured through an active electrical impulses or, (2) the infant clearly is not provided an opportunity, wherein the criteria will be set by the local governments.

b. After birth, the infant has to satisfy two out of three of these criteria: (1) Talent, (2) Opportunity or (3) Intelligence measured through IQ tests.

c. Should the mother not be of free will and sound mind the decision will fall to the father, then the next of kin, or the relevant governmental agency, by order of precedence.

That was a resultant of drinking too much bourbon and leaving the mind idle for a couple of months. I look forward to the next one, don't you think?

The Orcs Must Die Too?

Another post for something new. A game review!

I have recently purchased a game off the Steam store called "Orcs Must Die 2" by Robot Entertainment. The game's premise follows the defense tower theme, but with a twist ... You are also a character on the battlefield. So it's all up close action to see you towers (or traps in what they call here) cut, slash, burn, freeze, melt, catapult the orcs to their zany doom. It's all mind boggling fun to try and set the perfect defense on a choke point and yell... "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" 
And don't worry, you can bring a friend! There's online co-op! You actually need to bring in a friend sometimes to survive the horde. It's quite beautiful to set up the perfect one-two punch :) 
The graphics are colorful and detailed enough to see your carnage (but not gory ) and audio is excellent. The music and quips are just as excellent. 

In short, get it and have a blast! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Now that I'm free from my heavily procrastinated speech for Toastmasters, I'm able to write and post again! It's indeed a bit of fresh air. I was initially planning to write another chapter of Manama Dead, but since it's already late and the fact I have work tomorrow, means it'll have to be delayed yet again. Oh well, it's not as if anyone's yearning for it!

So till then, await!

Kill Scene: Benjamin Reeves (Book Review)

As a humble request, I was asked to see if I was interested enough to do a book review. Follow the link for the results:

My Book Review on Unputdownable Bookies!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadan Update!

Today marks the 4th day of Ramadan, so to anyone who reads this is a muslim, I wish you a Ramadan Kareem!

Anyways, my recent posts have been about this short story series called Manama Dead. Honestly, it started just as a little thing to release all the ideas and creativity and somehow I'm very keen on the idea. The idea of Bahrain being taken over by the undead. Interesting ain't it? We've got a rich urban landscape and mix of people, so why not try it? Though, forgive me for the previous post last night, as I wrote it on the very last ounces of my energy for that day so I'm not really aware of the stuff I've written. Perhaps I'll review it soon.

Any other updates? Not so much, it is Ramadan after all...filled with peacefulness, food and sleep. So, in any words, an awesome month to just chill and lay back at home.

To spread the awesome-ness, please have a look at this little find I found on the web:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Manama Dead - Day 1 - Infection

30 ROAD WORKERS SICK - 14th June 2012
The government has released a statement announcing 30  road workers for a major construction firm have been submitted to the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) yesterday due to an unknown illness. The workers, mainly of Indian, Pakistani & Bangladeshi origins, have fallen ill on the first day start of the government's drive to build a new highway through a burial mound site. The project which is part of the country's existing growth plan, had met with strong criticism from the general public calling the whole project a 'disgrace to the culture and history of Bahrain'. Several sources at the SMC have announced that the workers' symptoms involve severe dehydration, hallucination, fevers and bleeding. They are to be kept under  quarantine under further notice. 

With the recent submission of the 30 workers on the 13th of June 2012, it has been reported in the early morning that three hospital staff have contacted the mysterious disease. Meanwhile, the state of the initial batch have worsened, with five dead and the rest deteriorating at a rapid rate. The hospital section containing the infection have been cordoned off and the SMC is at a state of emergency, implementing counter-epidemic procedures. The government has yet to issue any official statement. 

Those were the only clippings I could save regarding the outbreak. After the initial reports of the epidemic, the government had taken over SMC and issued warnings of the possible spread of disease. But it was too late, the disease was left unchecked. Either the balance of the workforce at the site had contacted the disease or a hole in the quarantine procedure had caused it to be spread. Either way, the disease took down half the nation within a few days of that entry.

Hysteria and violence was at all time high, with people trying to leave but the country was not suited for an immediate evacuation. It did not matter in the end, as it just proved easy picking for for the 'others'. I'm glad to have stayed huddled where I was, rather than risking it out there. But as I thought to myself of the people that have been taken, which could be my very own friends and family, had made surviving alone much more difficult. Perhaps, it'd be just easier if I became one of them?

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Quote a Day #2

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others" 
- Marianne Williamson

If you'd like a graphical representation, check this out :)

Manama Dead #1

Noise. All I can hear is THAT noise. As I lie against a Saudi vehicle parked behind an age old hotel called Delmon, that's all I can damn hear. Gone are the blazing exhausts that litter the highway close by, the honkings of the locals at stores, irate drivers or women. All replaced by a cloud of quiet, filled with shuffled feet and moans. It's constant, save for the the blood curdling screams of someone who couldn't make it.

All of this happened so fast, it rose like wildfire taking Bahrain by storm. People couldn't adjust, couldn't believe. Some even called it conspiracy of the west or other damn nonsense. It just made it easier for 'them' and harder for 'us'.

Sigh. I can't think of this now. I have to keep alert. God knows what's happening next. I keep the metal bar I found earlier close as  I take corner views from my position to see if the place is clear. All ahead is just a narrow one way road leading to the Gold Center of the Capital, all strife with abandoned cars and the rubbish that's nature to the area. Knowing that I needed cover, I decided to head for Gold Center as it looked safe enough considering I was so far from home. Bracing bar in hand, I edged away from the car and inched step by step towards my goal, looking at every corner and dark spot between cars hoping to avoid any ambush. Reaching half way, I saw an old bar that I used to haunt, Diggers, a place rife of the men and women prowling the night which did the name justice. As the memories flow backed in, the door flowed open. A bartender, running out bleeding and screaming, saw me and ran towards me. Knowing this was not good, I ran towards the my goal and away from his as fast as possible. I could hear my lungs fighting for air while the bartender kept screaming out. I heard more stampeding feet, growling and moaning which eventually drowned the screaming voice behind me. 

Not looking back, I reached the damn building and found that it been shuttered off. Not trying to panic, I ran across trying to find an opening that could bear haven for safety and then I saw it. A small window above some of the shutters that was not closed off like the others. I reached it by climbing a nearby post and shuffling my self till I could break the window with my bar in tow. Once cleared of any shards, I head in and jump to the floor basked in dim light. As I brush off the dirt and cool, I realized my mistake. My 50 damn mistakes. All of them, standing right there looking at me. Rotting, bloodied and hungry. 

The only thing I could say, was "oh shit".

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Wild Caribou Diaries

As I visited the Philippines in August to check up on an old friend, basically to observe and report back to Bahrain to my best friend Roberto, I've decided to send it through an official channel worthy of a reporting standard which was Morse code of course. Now time was needed to obtain the damn machine at both ends, and learn the code and as we did and conversed, fate had happened and we stumbled across a communist plot by a certain group in the Philippines. Being the daring do-gooders that we are, we rushed to the country's aid but since no one would listen, we took matters into our own hands. And when we did, we put an end to the plot that had endangered our mother country. In doing so, we were appointed National Heroes of the Philippines. The fame, the popularity all came through, we even had the choice to choose the actors to play us in our film versions.

But all that came with a price..with power comes great responsibility, and darkness and danger raised its head. To fight the menace with unknown identities to save our loved ones, we had become one thing the country needed. Superheroes. Roberto had taken the mantel of Captainalism, a harbinger of capitalism and capital pride. I stood along him as Demoskratos, a upholder of democracy & justice in a toga throwing ballots of votes and crowns. With our presumed identities, we fought off the darkness which had names. The most notable one was Marx-man, a sole supporter of marxism, accurate with his theories, deadly with his Kalashnikovs.

It was an never-ending strive for justice and freedom, for what it was all, parody or not, we were heroes in our own right.

Please forgive me for the nonsensical post above. It was just a summary of our silly discussion that we had after some coffee that came from Caribou (hence the title reference). I do hope you enjoy the stupid read, stay in tune for more!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Quote a Day, Makes the Soul Stay #1

"Everything will be all right in the end... if it's not all right then it's not yet the end. "

from the movie "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"

Shawarmas & Prayers

I believe my blog roll is starting to stick. A minder of the day, the thought of actually filling a post was etched as I woke up this morning. If I can keep that, I can keep other goals in mind to help progress. Like my battle of the bulge! Now love and friends alike say I'd be fine the way I am, but as it is, I am not happy. So the start of the workout this week coinciding with the blog reopening has helped me push through. Though, my body does ache like Boba Fett down a Sarlaac (for those un-savvy with the Star Wars Mythos, please guide yourself to the nearest wiki).

Long and boring opening aside, today's work schedule was 'routine'. Audit and other normal accounting stuff that'd give my reader a bore, though I did learn of something juicy...but as an outstanding professional, I sweareth my secrecy! Two toastmaster clubs here in Bahrain have been hankering for my attention, asking for my presence, one had already added me into the agenda without letting me know (I agree, the agenda was sent to me, but for clarification, please inform me I'm on it...please and thank you!) 

But the main pause for the day, was visiting my mom at the hospital. She has been admitted for a kidney stone removal that's scheduled tomorrow morning, so we all thought we ought to visit. Nurses had a hard time finding a vein for the I.V. drip, so all they ended up doing was poking my mother repeatedly till she bruised, thankfully, a doctor came to save the day despite using a somewhat peculiar method. The family and I stayed till visiting hours were over (my middle aged brother could not attend as he had not slept the night), and we bid our goodbyes. Now we all know it's nothing like a major risk operation, but again, the fear and sadness was felt as we left the rooms so to ease up tension I just saluted and marched right out just to give us all a little odd laugh. So as I write this now, a little prayer goes for my mother, to have all things be well and stay well. 

Dinner was had at a nearby sharwarma joint named "Happy Town" which specialized in charcoal grilled chicken meat. Ordered three for myself, since I've been craving the damn buggers for a while now. And now that I had the lustrous soft lebanese bread, filled with smoldering chicken covered in cheese and a mayo-garlic mixture, I feel all the way satisfied.  

So as it is, normal as it should be, hoping and anxious for the prayer to be answered on the other. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Daily starts!

Time and time again, I try to keep a blog but as history can show, the determination slides away as a duster against a board. So after much discussion with a certain friend in which I chronicle the memories I keep, and much thought (15 minutes on the way home, it is a quick drive after all), I decided to try and try again to keep this up.

Why? I'm growing old. Now I'm 22 years old bordering on the 23rd. I'm still as silly and fun as ever, but one notices the change. The boundless energy now bound, the memory retaining now un-retained. So I decided, to keep those precious memories, feelings, ideals or whatever comes across alive and etched in the internet world. Perhaps to garner interest from the world, to keep me going, or maybe to see if I would be 'trolled'. But in fairness, I believe it's the best possible medium, at least for me. If I wrote the latter in a diary, I'd probably forget where I kept it (though it'd be much more authentic and beautiful, I suppose)!

So there you have it. My reason to blog, categorize and memoir. I'd promise myself to keep this updated, but that's all to my own fluctuation in will. Maybe I'd drop out and come back again, but I guess it keeps this blog interesting, not to others but to myself. A sometime reporter of the daily khronicle that is my life.