Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The 23rd

As time passes and interests wanes, this is the result yet again. I find it difficult to keep my attention span focused on things I want and enjoy doing...be it writing, drawing or gaming.

Sigh. But one must try and try again I suppose. So here we are, having a go, and to accommodate a special post, I shall dedicate it to my 23rd year of age! Yes, this December 17th 2012, yours truly, has turned 23. I had a spectacular series of fortunate events which is as follows:

  • December 14th 2012 - An amazing opening of gifts brought in by none other than Naj, who has given me a Gurren Lagann figure to add to my collection, 3 extra large shirts and other goodies! Not forgetting Nada, who put in a really heart felt note with a dinar. Heh. 
  • December 15th 2012 - Rested during the day, did a speech at night, followed by an expensive dinner at Meat Co. Fancy meat was had, along with good conversation into the night. Exemplary food. Love the mash. 
  • December 16th 2012 - Breakfast at Fudds, and went to my rented Chalet in Al Dar. The island may not be much, but it is something. The Chalet was beautiful, comfy and romantic. Oh how would I have loved to stay overnight and snuggle cuddle the night away...Boo. The day was filled with rain, so we tended to get wet alot. Much the same can be said for the boat ride back to the mainland...rain hurts at that speed. Joined the surprise party for Farrell. Fun.
  • December 17th 2012 - Morning shopping with Mom at BCC. She bought be a fancy polo from Giordiano. Orange too. Went to the pet store, mom fell in love with cats (at least kitties). Followed by lunch at Shada (difficult to choose, family is picky over what to eat, whine if its too expensive, whine if its too cheap).
So all in all, a great series of events. Appreciated very greatly the call from Rob and Faisal from the Philippines, made me feel I didn't miss out as much. Though...it did kind of remind me of how lonely I can get. It peeved me to attend a surprise party when mine was just hours away, but to each their own I suppose. 

After those series of days, I'd like to say I'm exhausted and find it difficult to creep back into the work mood. It's just not there at the moment. Finding out not being to take any small bit of your leave so you can take a breather is not helping (though yes, they agreed to pay me my leave, but what's money over relaxation?) 

Now what? Happy Birthday to myself, and see you in a year!