Thursday, August 9, 2012

Remembering The Past

Currently, I stand 22 years old. From the day I turned 18, things were different. My life was catapulted into overdrive, meeting all new kinds of people, sharing all kinds of experiences. In Bahrain, people tend to complain that it'd be too boring, too mundane for those who want to live, but in my opinion? Sights, history, culture, food, nightlife, they're not important. In between the years, the memories I've experienced and shared were those that mattered. Those are what made life worth living and worth remembering.

So I thought, when if I grow old, I'd like to remember those who helped create them. They are:

  • Najla Qamber
  • Roberto Carrillo
  • Faisal Mohammed
  • Nada Qamber
  • Farrel Ryde
  • Shan Yan
  • Mauree Celi
  • Mona Alvarado
  • Yasmeen Abdulla
  • Sawsan Abdulla
  • Nasreen Qamber
  • Nasser Qamber
  • Katherine Lao
  • Kevin Brent
  • Yusaku Mishima
  • Eiichi Sone
  • Nelson Buendia
  • Mahmood Baqer
  • Basheer Al Salabi
  • Ray Abbas
  • My Family
There could be probably much more I haven't yet included, but as I write this at 3:40 AM, please know the sentiments are heart-felt and sound. 

So in all, I thank God and you for being around, and as I grow older... I'm eager to see what the future memories bring.

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