Saturday, August 4, 2012

An MUN resolution

On August 2nd 2012, a group of friends and myself were scheduled to have a movie night. As per the shocker, we ended up forgetting the movies altogether and ended up in a much heated debate in an model united nations format. Our topic, approving abortion.

As is, this the excerpts of the resolutions made and those which have passed or failed:

Ismaeli Caliphate and Monan Empire (Resolution Passed)

That, the local governments will evaluate mothers who apply forabortion and bestow the right upon the mother basing upon these evaluations;

A woman of sound mind will be given the license to abort their child as long as, (1) She will be given an educat
ional course educating her about the different points of view for or against abortion, (2) The woman’s identity must be held in confidentiality, (3) The well being of the mother must be held of the highest considerations wherein the mother will be informed of all the implications of her proposed abortion. 

Kingdom of Farrell (Resolution Failed)

That a mother of free will and sound mind will be given the right to allow abortion satisfying two situations: 

a. Before birth, (1) the infant has to has to have: intelligence measured through an active electrical impulses or, (2) the infant clearly is not provided an opportunity, wherein the criteria will be set by the local governments.

b. After birth, the infant has to satisfy two out of three of these criteria: (1) Talent, (2) Opportunity or (3) Intelligence measured through IQ tests.

c. Should the mother not be of free will and sound mind the decision will fall to the father, then the next of kin, or the relevant governmental agency, by order of precedence.

That was a resultant of drinking too much bourbon and leaving the mind idle for a couple of months. I look forward to the next one, don't you think?

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