Thursday, August 30, 2012

Philippines Day 14, August 30th 2012

With the final night of my vacation here to the Philippines, the night beckons and the excitement of being back home brings near. The day was not lost. I started from SM Megamall in Manduluyong and took a taxi all the way to Makati's Greenbelt Complex. As soon as I stepped out of the taxi, I was flabbergasted. It was so unlike what I've visited in my two week stay (mind you, I have visited Philippines many times before, but I like taking things anew). Lush greenery, scenic sculptures and proper landscaping has made it into an amazing sight to the eyes. It's as luxurious in the only way Makati can offer. The restaurants choices are diverse , enough to sooth your taste and thirst for the different, while the shops are high class and watering to any devout fashion follower. It had given me what I was looking for in my vacation. That need to feel pampered and see Manila's finest. The photos of this little trip will soon be followed. 

After meeting up with my cousin, we shifted to our dinner reservations at Village Tavern in High Bonifacio Street Central. Our irate taxi driver had scammed us into taking us somewhere else by 'mistake' and raised our taxi fees to a hefty amount. The unexpected long taxi drive had gotten my motion sickness into overdrive and drove me to a painful nausea. But that all came away as we closed in our destination. It was beautiful, outright lavish and spectacular. It was Greenbelt's grandness merged into a whole locale. The entire area had the vibe of modern luxury and did not disappoint with every walking step. Even Starbucks was over the par, with a very cordial and funny employee named Derrick who when upon taking my name, I mentioned my name as 'K' to avoid confusion of my real name. He had then smiled and asked if it was short for Kale, Kate, or Katie, and when telling him my real name, he apologized and thank me for making it easier for him. Hah! 

Upon reaching Village Tavern, it was 'class' written all over it. The waitresses were clad in red and very courteous as they should be. When seated, we were rounded with other food bloggers (my cousin is one of them, we were invited to do food tasting and reviews, I was just a plus one invite). It was awkward at first, being out of place and especially when the food came around with everyone grabbing their high end cameras and dishing out photos when all I wanted was to eat the food. Everyone was amazing to say at the table. Well cultured and educated, fun and talkative, and well known lovers of food. From Teddy, to Spanky, to Mitsy and even the head Chef Josh Boutwood (who at only 25, is strapping and amazing with his food). The food on the other hand, was on an equal level. Down right damn amazing. I started off with some blackened shrimp which tasted simply divine. Followed by the pork sliders, flat bread pizzas, crispy chicken tacos and the cowboy burger. Every step in the course was tasty, appealing and jaw dropping wow. There was an interesting mix of black beans mix which was mixed with chocolate. It was odd at first, but it really does go well together. Then came the deserts, which involved St. Bard's Cake, carrot cake, banana crepes and a double decker cheese cake. All I can say, is that we were stuffed to our limits. And let's not forget what was drunk, haha, signature cocktails of snowberry cooler (champagne based) and mojito. Both were strong, and well flavored, unlike most that was around Manila. I would really like to give a more in depth review of the food, but that, after careful decision will be included in my new blog, dedicated to food reviews. Haha, guess they got to me. 

So all in all, it was a great nice. Lavish, fun, and extravagant. Just how I like my Philippines!

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