Monday, August 20, 2012

Philippines Day 3, August 20 2012

I currently reside here at the Oasis One Condominiums, on Ortigas Avenue in Pasig City, Manila. So far so great,  the place is wonderful. There's great security, it's clean and has a nice lot of amenities including pool, gym and clubhouse. It's not that far off from my usual haunts like SM MegaMall, Metrowalk nor Makati, probably only a 10 minute taxi drive. Only downside is probably hailing a taxi from the place. It's not as abundant as when i.e., staying in Malate, but it's alright. I'm not so privy to using the local jeepneys, call me spoiled, but at the moment, taxi costs are the least worrisome for me.

After a mind grumbling bore of two days, of sitting about on my laptop and playing whatever gaming remnants remained, I finally got the chance to go out on my own and visit SM MegaMall to meet a friend of my girlfriend's (Najla Qamber) sister, Michelle Salvatierra. First, enjoyed a nice pork, fish and chips lunch at Chef's Quarters which was nicely done, but nothing purely amazing. When my guest arrived, we had a hoot talking about whatever oddness could come out in from the green minded puns that we could muster. Went around the shops, did some light shopping (which included two marvel shirts and a nice formal shirt).

Visited some awesome art galleries which has some modern contemporary art which I seemed to get surprisingly. Pictures to come out soon!

After that, headed home, and found out family was still out. So had to wait in the pouring rain for half an hour or so, which wasn't bad, except for the sore feet for walking around for a good 4-5 hours.

So now, I'm at home contemplating the events for the day, which was a good one after all. My only nuisance was with a certain someone who could not make it due to being tired and cancelling till tomorrow, after agreements were made. And then, he has to bring someone who I'm not exactly fond of. Oh well. If I mattered, he should be able to meet me without any complaints or hindrances. Oh well, must be the 'city life' sapping the energy out of people.

So true believers, that's all I've got. Till tomorrow.

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