Friday, August 24, 2012

Information Processing?

Another not so uneventful night here in the Philippines. As expected, since living in with the family and not friends has hindered my ability to go out and enjoy the nightlife. That, and living here where I am currently, is so devoid of any interesting nightspots. If there were, doubt it'd be safe. I'll try my hand at tomorrow, to sleep over a cousin's place to enjoy a good one or two night fun I suppose. It's all in the fates. Only upside to  having failed that path, is the obvious savings from a huge expenditure, as my now-in-the-Philippines cousin is seeing the hard life and has no money to splurge along side with me (i.e. no share in the expenses).

So having a night in again, I'm reduced to browsing the online virtual world as is normal in my every day life. Though, the constant boredom that I am currently under, has forced me to look up my entire normal feeds of  Facebook, Twitter, IGN, Cracked, 9gag and my other usual haunts. It's a sad pity that I exhaust all that and can't find more to bide my time. I'm always constantly in need for odd tidbits of information, be it relevant to my likes or not, just in order to store and update my cultural know-how or whatever one calls it. It's an asset. To be constantly updated, able to associate or de-associate yourself (if you know what I mean). But the bad side, it's an addiction. Now that I've exhausted my feeds of any new info, I'm in dire need of something of interest to read up on. Nothing finding any, would leave to state of slight depression and dissatisfaction. Go figure.

So what do I do to rid myself of this? Blog it. What else is there to do?

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