Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Orcs Must Die Too?

Another post for something new. A game review!

I have recently purchased a game off the Steam store called "Orcs Must Die 2" by Robot Entertainment. The game's premise follows the defense tower theme, but with a twist ... You are also a character on the battlefield. So it's all up close action to see you towers (or traps in what they call here) cut, slash, burn, freeze, melt, catapult the orcs to their zany doom. It's all mind boggling fun to try and set the perfect defense on a choke point and yell... "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" 
And don't worry, you can bring a friend! There's online co-op! You actually need to bring in a friend sometimes to survive the horde. It's quite beautiful to set up the perfect one-two punch :) 
The graphics are colorful and detailed enough to see your carnage (but not gory ) and audio is excellent. The music and quips are just as excellent. 

In short, get it and have a blast! 

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