Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pent Up Words

Seeing that I haven't posted in a while, I suppose it's appropriate enough to try and have a long enough post to keep this blog happy. Many things have transpired since August 30. Lot of work had come through, project after project with no remorse. It came to the point of working daily 10-11 hour shifts, which never bothered me (a tempting workaholic). Thankfully, despite the stress, I don't think I'd have it any other. I'm glad of the support my staff and boss give, despite the company's overall management treatment.

Friends are all wonderful. As the months bear down to the year end, it pains me to know a best friend of mine will leave the country for Italy. But the memories will stay, as I do my best to keep them remembered. The gradual return of an old friend has been wonderful and a great addition to the roster. Others sadly have soured over the months, though highly in my opinion, to be in its course. A friend with an awful temper who has a grudge with said best friend who is beyond reason. Another who in belief, thinks I'm hateful towards due to a misunderstanding between us. That same friend who seems to always want others to compromise but hides away from it when the time comes. Funny enough, I don't hold a grudges for things like that. Just a simple forgive and reconcile will do. But like I said earlier, it ran its course.

Love is booming and growing. I like the fact that things now don't ever seem stagnant and feels like blissful clockwork. There has been talks of engagement which I hope to take on soon next year if I can rack up courage and a plan to support it! But hey, confirming and reassuring now would ruin the future's surprise right?

So with that, I close the night as I'm tired and wanting of sleep. Maybe I'll go on detail tomorrow about the events that happened in between, to chronicle my memories so they'll never be forgotten.

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